02 2 Shows Performances Guilin Mulong Lake Night View


Venue: Lijiang Theater, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

Time: 5:00pm every day, duration 70 minutes

Dreamlike Li River (梦幻漓江) is a must-see acrobatic show in Guilin, premiered in April, 2002 and continued its daily run henceforth. It is a nightly theatre performance that celebrates the rich natural and cultural heritage of Guilin.

By pushing the boundaries of dance form with its wildly inventive acrobatics, introducing creative scenery setups and transitions, Dreamlike Li River exquisitely blends the highest artistic concentration, geographic changes, historic shifts and local legends into one production. Blending the spirit of mankind with the captivating Nature, the show will present you with an irreplaceable theatrical experience. It is an incredible evening show, you will see acrobatics, modern circus and ballet and so on.

Guilin Shows Performances 02 Dream of Li River

Photo Source: Guilin Tourism Development Committee