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Guilin rice noodle is a typical Guilin local specialty made from rice with a 2200-year history since the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.). Now it has become the most famous Guilin food throughout China.

Rice noodles usually go with voluptuous gravy, fried peanuts or soybeans, scallions and thin slides of different kinds of meat such as beef, horse meat, and pork. You can also add some spice and chili in it. Guilin rice noodles can be eaten with soup or without soup (stir-fried or cold).

There are little shops running along the streets in Guilin everywhere. These are the places where you can eat authentic Guilin rice noodle at an extremely economic price.

Guilin Food Speciaty 01 Rice Noodle

Photo Source: www.guilin.com.cn