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Besides its karst landforms, Guilin is also famous for its limestone caves, where there are stalactites, stalagmites, underground streams for you to explore.

Historical & Cultural Sites

With a long history of over 2100 years, Guilin is one of the first 24 China’s famous historical and cultural cities released by the State Council of China. There are a lot of cultural and historical attractions there including historical architectures, ancient water conservancy projects and ancient towns and villages.

Scenic Spots

Guilin has a range of scenic attractions and natural landscapes to offer, from rivers, lakes to hills and parks.

Nanjing Visa

In order to entering China, foreigners shall apply to the visa-issuing authorities stationed abroad for a visa, except as otherwise provided for in this Law.

Explore Guilin China

Guilin, a merge of tradition and modernity, natural beauty and historic and cultural relics, is a top travel destination in China. We’ll keep you updated about the latest travel information of Guilin China.

Things to Do in Guilin China

Guilin China has so many for you to experience from unique ethnic cultures, featured local events and festivals, delicious food and specialties to amazing shows and performances etc.

Nanjing's Weather, Seasons and Zoning

Nanjing is beautiful in all seasons. From spring to winter, every season is a good time for travellers to appreciate the beauty of the city. Nanjing is always colorful, fun, and full of vitality.